Any time you have to get your vehicle worked on for any reason it can be extremely stressful. Let us take the stress away by doing all of the work for you. If you get into any accident at all come see us at Norfolk GM Auto Center. If you are submitting to insurance, all you need to do is start the claim with your insurance agent and let us take over from there. Not only will we provide you with a free of charge loaner vehicle, but we will directly work with any insurance company so you don’t have to. 

We work on all makes and models of vehicles and will treat you the same as every customer even if you did not purchase your vehicle at Norfolk GM Auto Center. 

Genuine GM Parts

Unless you have a specific endorsement on your insurance policy, your insurance company is only going to pay for aftermarket (lesser quality) parts. We will take that approved amount from you insurance company, price match it, and install Genuine GM Parts back on your General Motors vehicle. Aftermarket parts aren’t always a bad product but a lot of times they will not fit perfectly and you may get your vehicle back and notice that gaps between body panels don’t line up like they did before the accident. Sometimes the parts aren’t built with the same crumple zones causing a safety concern. And some aren’t bonded the same making the panels more likely to rust in the future. Allow us to restore your vehicle back to its original condition saving the value and safety integrity of your vehicle and not costing you a penny more than your deductible.

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